Wine tasting at Enoteca Barolo

The wine tasting we made at Enoteca Barolo this past 13th of March, with the red wines of Zerberos made out of  Garnacha started great and it did not disapoint any of us as the tasting went through. The wine tasting was made to compare the first and the last bottled harvest of these wines.

We did not want to decant any of the wines but the Zerberos El Berraco 2008. That is why we decided to open all the bottles an hour and a half before the wine tasting.

The wine tasting developed in this way:
  1. Zerberos DelTiemblo 2010: Because this is the most atlantic, fresh and lightest of the Zerberos series, we started with it.The wine showed just as it is, incredibly fragrant and showing all its terroir, with Garnacha grape aromas, the minerality of its soils and all the pine forest and jaras aromas that sorround the vineyard. In the mouth the wine showed up delicate, with the nerve (acidity + minerality), and an extra touch of the tanin that shows its youth and tells us about its great ageability
  2. Zerberos A+P 2006: A complicated harvest that we tried to balance with a bigger proportion of Garnacha from slate/schist soils in the coupage. This is way the wine showed up closed and very mineral at the begining (schist stone), and little by little the jammy fruit and leather aromas came along. It was mature and mineral, long and powerfull, and still to age some more time.
  3. Zerberos A+P 2010: A fresh year for this harvest, oposit to what we tasted before. Eventhough it was still too tite, it was pure fruit with a touch of levander and mature fruit, with great minerality within it. It is a wine that has to develop and that lets us see how great it will be in the future.
  4. Zerberos Arena 2007: It was a year ago since I had not tasted it, but it had not evolved a tiny bit. Eventhough the wine was opened more than two hours ago, it was still tite and closed. The wine had minerality (rolling stones) and bush spices aromas (rosemary and tyme) from the surroundings of the vineyard. This wine was great in mouth: silky and with fruit mouth full as it is usual in this wine, with great balance between the acidity, the tons of fruit and minerality. It is incredible how arrogantly young it was showing
  5. Zerberos Arena 2010: An other wine that has great potencial and hoping we can all have enough patience to keep it long enough so it can develop and become as great as the 2007 harvest. The wine, eventhough it was quite closed, it was showing loads of fruit and bush spices, acompanied with the minerality that will become more noticeable with its aging in bottle. As all the wines from the 2010 harvest, you could drink them, but they want to be kept. We could appreciate a little change in the style of this wine, heading towards a lighter style, with a bigger acidity
  6. Zerberos Pizarra 2005: We would have enjoyed totaly this wine if we would have opened the it the day before. The most closed of all the wines, and the only one that was not able to open in time. It showed mineral aromas during the tasting, going from tar to smokey aromas that come from the slate/schist soils. But in mouth ……, oh my …., totaly silky with great fruit weight, complex and nerve from the minerality. Long, very long, nearly eternal. We all felt that the wine could give us much more and that it could still age much more. Who said that Garnacha wines do not age well? This wine area of Garnachas de Gredos and these wines of Zerberos are here to demostrate it!!
  7. Zerberos Pizarra 2010: Back to the origins of the Pizarra wines. As from 2005 to 2008 harvests, the grapes that make this Pizarra 2010 come totaly from the hill of Galayos, and once more this wine has an incredible nerve and minerality. The fruit is darker in aroma, accompanied with all the bush aromas. If you are a person that enjoys young wines, you can drink it like this, but you should leave it age in bottle
  8. Zerberos El Berraco 2008: As its name means, “El Berraco”, a huge stud pig or bull, it shows all that this wine represents as a wine. It spent 24 months in oak plus 24 months in bottle has smoothen this wine a lot. It is a wine with great complexity in aromas that identify totally the vineyard of the town of El Barraco that it comes from: black fruit aromas, sweet spices, aromatic woods, bush spices, a hint of mint and animal aromas. In the mouth it has great power with an agresive tannin because of the quantity it has, but that soon become juice in mouth. With a great mouth fill and lots of aromatic complexity. This is a wine that should be drunk a bit warmer than we did during the tasting, and if it is possible with a big piece of roasted meat ……...

A beautiful afternoon with friends that enjoyed the red wines of Zerberos as much as us that make them

Pepi & Daniel
Zerberos Finca

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